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Hello, my name is John and I started as a personal dad/travel blog in early 2016. I’m new to this whole blogging game so as the site tag line says, I’m “figuring out what works”. That tag line also applies to the stuff I blog about. I’m a husband and a dad, and as my daughters like to remind me I’m the only boy in the house. So I am well and truly outnumbered, and more often than not out manoeuvred. I blog about parenting, our experiences as a family, travel, and anything else that touches on family life or travels.
Heavy School Bag

Heavy School Bag Solutions – Guide To Carrying Heavy School Bags

The Path to the Heavy School Bag As the age where kids carry heavy school bags gets younger parents are looking for solutions to reduce strain & damage from a heavy school bag. The BEST ways are outlined in the article below. Learning has changed a lot since I was a student back in the day. […]

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Tactical Laptop Backpacks

Top 10 Tactical Laptop Backpacks

Tactical Laptop Backpacks Laptop backpacks are everywhere these days, and come in almost every genre you can think of, from business styles to super hero’s to Manga and backpacks designed specifically for travel. In the post below I’ve listed 10 Tactical Laptop Backpacks that I’ve come across. This is by no means a definitive list, […]

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